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For over the past ten years Hilary has been exploring glass as a way to channel creativity. A mother and a former teacher, she has always been seeking creative outlets.  When she began working with glass she had found her medium!  Playing with glass has fulfilled her in unexpected ways.  The challenge of working with such a unique substance has left her humbled and inspired, as no two pieces of glass are ever alike! 


Originally Hilary's journey began with stained glass.  She made a variety of projects which were mostly for personal use and or gifts.  During this time she also did some work with mosaics. An inspiring class on fused glass with the talented artist Martin Kremer was a turning point in her work.  This has narrowed her focus to working mostly with kiln fired glass.  It is unpredictable, challenging, and ultimately satisfying!


One of her goals as a glass artist is to bring to you functional, unique and exciting pieces.  She is fortunate enough to live in Maine where she can be inspired by the colors, patterns,  and the beauty of nature.  


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